The live performance by atarashiichizu at The Kishidan Expo in 2019. | 双六日録

atarashiichizu [Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and Shingo Katori ] LIVE Report at Kishidan Expo in 2019.


Hi, I’m Sugorokudonya.

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the live performance of “atarashiichizu” at the Kishidan expo two years ago, and many people saw it. Thank you very much.

Some of them accessed my blog from overseas.

I thought that there might be people who are looking for articles in English. I decided to edit and translate the articles for overseas readers and upload them.

I use mostly translation tools. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments section. I will use a translation tool, so any language is acceptable as long as it is supported by Google Translate.

I hope you can feel the excitement of the live performance.


Why did I decide to write this article?

Because the Kishidan Expo was cancelled this year due to COVID-19, and I wanted to write about my happy memories in the hope that it will be held next year.

What is the “ Kishidan Expo”?

氣志團万博 - Wikipedia

It is a large-scale music event held every September in Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture, organized by the rock band “Kishidan”.

The event features artists from various genres, including rock, idols, and comedy.

The three members of atarashiichizu had never participated in a festival during their SMAP days; 2019 was their first time participating in a festival as atarashiichizu.

It was a legendary performance. I’m sure those who were there will never forget it.


But first, I’d like to talk about karaoke, an essential part of Kishidan Expo.

At the Kishidan Expo, there is a karaoke stage called “LIVEDAM STADIUM” where people can sing if they want.This karaoke stage was fun.

While I was enjoying myself at the karaoke booth, a woman sang “72” by atarashiichizu.

My friend and I listened to it and were singing and dancing along.

I looked up and saw people approaching from afar, and one of them had a towel on her shoulder with the words of SMAP’s “Mr. S” tour. 

As I was thinking, “Oh, they must be SMAP fans,” more people with “we are SMAP” penlights came from the right and more people with “GIFT of SMAP” towels came from the left. 

Everyone looked happy, and some of them looked a little embarrassed, which made me think that they were all fans who came to see atarashiichizu today. 

More and more people like that kept showing up, and I was amazed at how many fans there were!

The karaoke booth is really fun, so if you’re attending the Kishidan Expo, you should definitely check it out. There are times when it’s as lively as a real live concert.

Now to the stage of atarashiichizu.

We were able to get a spot rather close to the stage, but the crowd was so big that I heard that they couldn’t let us in anymore. I also heard that it was the largest crowd since the Kishidan Expo began.

It was certainly the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen. 

They came from all walks of life, both genders, age groups, and clothing, and I could see that even fans who had come to see other artists this time had gathered to see these three for sure. 

Of all the artists who have participated in the Kishidan expo in the past, the three are undoubtedly the most well-known, and there were no doubt many people who wanted to see them.

As soon as the inciting video was played and the three of them were in the picture, the crowd was in a frenzy.

Then, with a huge sea of people watching, the three of them came up from the lit-up stage.


Tens of thousands of unspoken cheers sounded like the earth shaking.

Their white outfits seemed to glow, not only because of the reflection of the lights, but also because of their aura.

As soon as the first song “#SINGING” started, I got goosebumps when I saw the whole venue doing a perfect PPPH.

PPPH is an onomatopoeic word in Japanese, “Pam-Pam-Pam-Hyu.”

Since the three of them haven’t appeared on terrestrial music programs since they became three, the people who were there must have known very few of their songs.

Nevertheless, I was impressed by the three of them and their fans who could bring the show to their own pace in no time, and by the passion of the audience who wanted to enjoy the live performance to the fullest.

When I looked around, I saw that everyone in that place, really regardless of gender or age, was staring at the stage with sparkling faces.

They’ve performed many times in domes all over Japan, so the way they show the stage is just too amazing. 

The singing and dancing were cool, but I was most moved by Kusanagi’s MC.

He said to the audience at the back of the stage, I can see you in the back seat just fine!!”

For a moment, it sounded like lip service, but then I thought, “Maybe he really can see them.”

Maybe it’s a special ability he developed as a super idol. 

It didn’t matter whether it was lip service or not. After Mr. Kusanagi said these words, I heard another loud cheer from the back, which was enough for me.

After that, Mr. Kusanagi continued to say to the audience, “You have a great smile!” 

When Mr.Katori said, “Shall we dance? “and the audience shouted, “Wooo!”

When Mr. Inagaki walked down the flower path,  they shouted,”Wooo!!”

When Mr. Kusanagi held his guitar,  they shouted, “Wooo!!!”

The  festival is not just for the fans of the three of them, and Kishidan Expo is a rock festival, but what is it about this overwhelming aura, euphoria, and sense of unity in the venue?

I can only describe them as “SUPER STAR”.

In the MC during the live,  Mr.Katori said, “I’m worried about our fans because I think many of them are probably new to the festival.

I think the fans were having a great time. Including the karaoke booth.

With a nice breeze blowing through, the three finished singing “Ameagari no Step” and left the stage.

At the very end, Mr.Katori shouted, “I love you! “ which was the biggest “WOOOOOOO!!!!!! ”was heard.

I think everyone in love with the three of them.

Even after the three left the stage, I could hear many people around me saying, “That was amazing” and “That was so cool”.

It was a very sunny day, and I must have been very tired after walking all day, but I felt so energized after seeing this stage.

 I felt like something sparkling went into my cells and charged my energy.

These are my memories of the fun live.

To all the fans of atarashiichizu all over the world, please come and visit us in Japan someday.

Until the day we meet, let’s stay in good health!

I look forward to meeting you someday.